Renshi Suresh

Shihan Suresh Kenichira, the force behind Okinawa Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan Karate-Do Federation of India, is a man with a hunger for excellence. He is a 6th Degree Black Belt holder in Karate from Okinawa and a 3rd Dan Black Belt holder in Kobudo, the martial arts weapon system of Okinawa. He is also a 5th Degree Black belt holder from Karate Association of India.He single handedly groomed India’s largest martial arts organization from ground up, starting with just 14 students.

Shihan Suresh’s sportive streak was first noticed in his school-days. Excelling in various sports from a very young age laid a platform for his interest with martial arts. He first started his martial arts training in Kalaripayattu, the world’s oldest surviving martial art, under Velayudan Gurukal. After one and a half years of training in this form, he moved on to learn karate in 1980 under the guidance of Renshi Shivadas. Starting Karate in his school days, Renshi Suresh underwent rigorous training. His desire for achieving higher levels of skill and proficiency

combined with determination and many years of constant concentrated practice rewarded him with experience and many laurels in the field of Karate. He travels frequently to Okinawa, Sri Lanka and many other countries, to fine tune his skills. Learning never stops for this ardent student of Martial arts.

Shihan Suresh Kenichira is an International referee and has participated in various international tournaments in Italy, Okinawa, UAE, Sri Lanka among others. Shihan Suresh is well-recognized personality in the field of martial arts. He is actively involved in a number or organizations and is conferred with the below designations

  • Director and Chief Examiner for Okinawa Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan Karate-Do Federation of India, India’s largest karate organization.
  • Director for Federation Okinawa karate Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan South Asian (FOKSSA), India chapter.
  • General Secretary of the Karnataka State Sports Karate Association, which is affiliated to Sports Karate Federation of India.
  • Member of Karate Association of India.
  • Joint secretary, Karnataka Kalaripayattu Association
  • Treasurer, Bangalore District Karate Association.

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