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Okinawa Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan Karate-Do Federation of India, popularly known as OSK Federation of India was established in the year 1992 by Shihan Suresh Kenichira, who is currently a 6th Dan Black belt in Karate and 4th Dan in Kobudo. He is also a 6th Degree Black belt holder from Karate Association of India as well as a 5th Dan from World Karate Federation. Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan style of karate was introduced in India by Kyoshi Gamini Soysa from Sri Lanka who is an 8th Degree Black Belt Holder and also the founder President of Federation Okinawa Karate Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan South Asia (FOKSSA).

OSK Federation of India had its humble beginnings with just 14 students at Bennerghatta National park, in the city of Bangalore, India. Today the association trains over 25000 students annually and is regarded as the Bench Mark for martial arts training in the country. The association has over 200 plus branches in South Bangalore alone with many affiliate dojos across the country. It is the largest Martial Arts Organization in India as well as the largest of Shorin Kan Dojo’s in the world. The association also regularly conducts Women’s self-defense training programs for leading IT companies across India and has trained over 200 thousand IT professionals.

OSK Federation provides its practitioners a synergy between traditional martial arts and modern day martial arts and yet maintaining its core beliefs and traditions. Today most schools have Karate as a compulsory subject for their students because of the initiatives of the Federation.The students of the association have participated in various state, National and International tournaments and won over 6500 prizes and 67 overall championships. The association’s strength lies in the family like bonding of the students, disciplined & hardcore training and above all the exemplary teaching methods of Shihan Suresh Kenichira.

Karate training in OSSKKAI is not taught as a self-defense skill, rather as a WAY OF LIFE. This has helped the students in maintaining discipline, self-control and good etiquettes in their day to day activities and above all being a good human being & a good contributor to the society.



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